Starting August 9, fully vaccinated U.S. citizens and permanent residents living in and coming directly from the U.S will be allowed to enter Canada. As of September 7, fully vaccinated travellers from any country will be allowed.
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Due to new travel requirements, departing and arriving passengers should expect delays through airport processing.
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The Noise Management Office

The Noise Management Office (NMO) is a point of contact for people with questions about airport operations and aircraft noise. The NMO is responsible for educating the public about and involving communities in noise management.

The Noise Office is responsible for:

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We’re always happy to talk about the Noise Management Program, what we’re doing to mitigate noise in communities across the GTA and how you can get involved. We’ve spoken and fielded questions at town hall meetings, in boardrooms and at community events, and we’d welcome the chance to attend your next event. Please email to learn more.

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