Winter weather forecasted for tomorrow may impact operations. Check your flight status with your airline before leaving for the airport.

Noise complaints

While passenger traffic at Toronto Pearson has decreased as a result of measures to combat COVID-19, the airport remains open and is working closely with airline partners to maintain the vital flow of cargo into and out of Canada at this critical time. As a vital link in the global and Canadian supply chain, we’re helping to keep businesses open, supporting economic stability and recovery. We are working with government, airlines and other businesses to facilitate safe cargo operations, supporting Canadians at home and on the frontlines. 

At Toronto Pearson, we understand that airplane noise can have an effect on our surrounding communities. The Noise Management Office will register and analyze each airport noise complaint against aircraft noise based on operations in and out of Toronto Pearson.

We do need specific information from residents to ensure we can investigate properly:

  • Date and time of incident (as well as any descriptors of the incident)
  • Personal information (name, phone number and full address including postal code)

If information is missing, we’re not able to properly investigate the complaint and therefore the complaint cannot be officially registered.

Noise complaint process

The Noise Complaint Process outlines what residents can expect from the Noise Management Office when they register a noise complaint. Note that a complaint against an operation in any given month must be submitted by the 5th day of the following month to ensure we are able to investigate. Complaints submitted later than this will not be processed.

Register a noise complaint

Given the rapid pace of change in relation to COVID-19 and Public Health recommendations on social distancing, please note that the Noise Management Team will be working remotely. As a result, responses to noise complaints may be delayed. Residents are still able to submit their complaints using the online noise complaint form or by voicemail at 416-247-7682. Thank you for your understanding.

Operations over your neighbourhood

Wondering what airport operations are like over your local area? Explore our interactive web portal, InsightFull, to better understand the trends in air traffic over your neighbourhood in recent months and years. You can also learn more about how the airport operates, flight altitudes, flight paths, and much more.

Launch InsightFull

Use WebTrak

WebTrak is an online tool that gives a near-real-time view of the sky above the GTA. Residents can use it to identify the aircraft that affected them and can make a noise complaint directly from the platform. You will need Adobe Flash 9 or higher to use this tool.

Launch WebTrak


Fill in the online form

We have updated the noise complaint form to allow for up to 50 complaints to be registered at once. Changes to the form were made in response to feedback received by residents. This new format will help to streamline the process for residents and ensure that all complaints are captured accurately.

The form works best in Google Chrome, but can be accessed using most browsers. A few seconds after submitting the complaint form, a confirmation message will appear. If you do not see this notice, please contact us at (416) 247-7682 to register your complaint.

Complete form

Call us

Call us at (416) 247-7682. You can speak to someone Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. After hours, a voicemail service will allow you to leave a detailed message.


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