Getting started

The Pearson Standard: Rules & Regulations 

The Pearson Standard: Rules & Regulations is a comprehensive, easy-to access resource where obligations for operating at Pearson are clearly described. The Rules & Regulations are incorporated into many of our contractual agreements. Learn more about The Pearson Standard and its supporting documents.

Information for contractors

If you're a contractor interested in working with us, read these documents to understand the standards and codes of conduct of Pearson suppliers:

Accessibility training for airport personnel

The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) requires all providers of transportation-related services at Pearson to complete accessibility training, known as Schedule 11. The level of training required will vary based on the requirements of the job.

The CTA or any member of the public may request a description of the Schedule 11 or ask your employees how to obtain a copy of the training program.

Learn more about CTA's regulations on personnel training for the assistance of persons with disabilities.

Facility Control Measures and Evacuation Plan Training 

At any time, thousands of people may be working or travelling through the buildings and terminals at Pearson. During an emergency, it’s important to know how to efficiently and safely evacuate these buildings, so that everyone can be safe.

Pearson offers Facility Control Measures and Evacuation Plan training to all employees and tenants. Anyone who works at Pearson Airport must complete this course once a year, in accordance with the Fire Code.

Access the mandatory annual recertification required training.