Who does what?

The Noise Management Program’s major players

The success of a Noise Management Program hinges on the ability of all players to collaborate productively.

These are the major players:

The Greater Toronto Airport Authority (GTAA)

That's us! We have a ground lease with Transport Canada with the mandate to develop, manage and operate Toronto Pearson International Airport efficiently and effectively.

Part of that ground lease requires us to have a Noise Management Program that follows a balanced approach to mitigate aircraft noise.

The GTAA also answers residents’ questions, addresses concerns and participates in community meetings to discuss impacts of airport operations.


NAV CANADA, the air navigation provider in Canada, is responsible for safe and efficient movement of aircraft. NAV CANADA designs and publishes a network of flight paths based on criteria set by Transport Canada and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). NAV CANADA also assigns runways at Pearson by considering winds, weather, capacity and the preferential runway system.

Transport Canada

This is the arm of the federal government that authorizes all airport operating permits and is the aviation regulatory authority.

They’re ultimately responsible for the safety of operations at all Canadian airports, which is why they work so closely with NAV CANADA and airport authorities. They ensure that aircraft operating in Canada are compliant with international noise standards through the aircraft certification process and establish flight path design criteria and land-use guidelines based on noise exposure.

At Pearson, they enforce the Noise Abatement Procedures and Noise Operating Restrictions and audit our Night Flight Restriction Program. They are also responsible for enforcing the rules when potential violations of noise procedures or operational requirements are identified.

The airlines

All airlines served by Pearson play a role in noise management by following Transport Canada's regulations and the initiatives under our Noise Management Program, including the Noise Abatement Procedures and Noise Operating Restrictions. Nearly 100% of flights operating to and from Toronto Pearson are compliant with the Noise Abatement Procedures and Noise Operating Restrictions.

Noise management forums

For more than twenty years, the GTAA’s Community Environment and Noise Advisory Committee (CENAC) was a forum for elected officials, community members, and the public to participate in regular discussions with industry partners about airport noise impacts.

As the airport moves to deliver the 2018-2022 Noise Management Action Plan, more productive, sustainable, and inclusive discussions with stakeholders are necessary.

In 2019, Toronto Pearson launched the Noise Management Forums, a series of briefings, tables, and working groups that will help the airport work smarter with its communities and collaborate better with industry.

Learn more about the Noise Management Forums.

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