Land use planning

Our Airport Operating Area

To help local municipal and regional planners, we have established an Airport Operating Area (AOA) based on a Noise Exposure Forecast developed by Transport Canada. The AOA is included in the official plans of the region of Peel, and the cities of Brampton, Toronto, and Mississauga.

Airport Operating Area map

 Airport Operating Area map of Toronto

New developments

We influence new developments proposed for the area by:

  • Reviewing subdivision and proposed development plans, official plans, official plan amendments, re-zoning, and site plan applications.
  • Participating in land use policy development at the local, regional, and municipal levels.
  • Liaising with federal and provincial governments on matters related to land use in the vicinity of the Airport.

Noise Exposure Forecast (NEF)

To support land use planning in the vicinity of airports, Transport Canada developed a Noise Exposure Forecast (NEF) model to calculate long-term aircraft noise exposure based on forecasted flights, and the assessed level of noise annoyance in those areas. The NEF contour doesn’t measure decibel levels of individual flights. Instead, it’s a cumulative noise value of overall forecasted flights and noise annoyance that factors in loudness, frequency, duration, and time of occurrence. It should be noted that individual response to noise exposure are subjective and varied.

Lines are drawn on a map connecting points of equal noise impact representing 25, 30, 35, and 40 NEF contours. Transport Canada advises that at an NEF level greater than 30 is likely to produce some level of annoyance and that above 35, complaints will likely be more numerous.

Transport Canada Noise Exposure Forecast (NEF) contours map