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Preferred Park

Know exactly where you'll park and skip circling the garage looking for a spot. Preferred Daily covered parking allows you to access the terminal with ease from a reserved location. Now available in all three garages: Terminal 1, Terminal 3, and Value Park Garage.

Terminal 1

Without reservation

20 minutes $6.50
Daily maximum $42
Weekly maximum (first 7 days) $235
Additional days $42

Terminal 3 and Value Park Garage

Available online only. Pricing may vary. Book early for the best rates.

*Value Park Garage Preferred Park minimum 72 hour stay.


Terminal 1 

As you approach Terminal 1, go to the Arrivals Level and follow signs for “Preferred Park.” Continue to the second entrance to the parking garage (at the end of the terminal). Enter through the Daily Park entrance and after scanning your reservation, follow signs to “Preferred Park” located on Level 3 e4. Enter “Reserved Area” at e4 and park in the “Preferred Park” area in any designated available space.

Terminal 3 

As you approach Terminal 3, go towards the Arrivals Level and then follow the gold-coloured Preferred Park signs. Enter the parking garage through the Preferred Park designated entry gate – it is clearly marked as being for Preferred Park only.

Value Park Garage

Enter the garage and follow the Preferred Park signs on Level 1 to the gated Preferred Park area. The entry gate will automatically lift, once your vehicle is detected. You can park anywhere within this area, and then proceed to your desired Terminal via free Link Train.

Walking times

Terminal 1: 3-5 minutes

Terminal 3: 2-3 minutes  

Value Park Garage: 7-12 minutes via train

Height restriction

The maximum height for vehicles entering Preferred Park Terminal 1 is 2.4 metres.  

The maximum height for vehicles entering Preferred Park Terminal 3 is 2.0 metres.

The maximum height for vehicles entering Preferred Park Value Park Garage is 2.2 metres.

Accessible parking

Accessible parking spaces are available near pedestrian crosswalks and elevator lobbies.

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