Land use zoning assessment application fees

Web map link for Height Compliance  Review
KMZ download link for Height Compliance Review

LU Review Type 1A: Developments located in Red Area
LU Review Type 1B: Developments located in Blue Polygon
LU Review Type 1C: Developments located in Blue Polygon

Web map link and KMZ download link for proposed noise-sensitive developments inside Airport Operating Area (AOA)

LU Review Type 2A or 2B: Noise-Sensitive* Developments located in AOA Magenta Area

*Noise-sensitive: residential, day care centres, public and private schools, retirement homes, places of warship with residential component, hospitals. Please contact us at to determine the required review option type. Type 1A review fee (height compliance) is already included in costs of Type 2A and 2B reviews.

Land Use Review Types

Type 1A: We check for compliance with Airport Zoning Regulations height and Bird Hazard Zone restrictions. We also check if NAVCanada’s (Canadian Air Navigation Agency) review criteria have been met and forward, on proponents’ behalf, those applications which are located within the Cities of Mississauga and Brampton.

Type 1B: With this review we check for compliance with ICAO Type A surface restrictions. If non-compliance is established, we will contact you to offer more in-depth analysis that may result in additional height available for development based on Shadowing Effect. If the development is compliant, no further action is required.

Type 1C: We perform ICAO Type A surface Shadowing Analysis based on most recent aerial ICAO Type A obstacle survey.  Proponent will be given an option of requesting this type of analysis, if we establish that shadowing effect can be applied to provide additional height for development.

Type 2A, 2B: Proposed Noise-sensitive applications within Airport Operating Area, depending on potential impact to current and future airport operations, require either Conditions of Approval (Type 2A) review, or formal tripartite Aircraft Noise Warning Agreement (Type 2B) review. Please contact to determine which type may be applicable to your development.

Please note that some noise-sensitive applications proposed in Airport Operating Area may not be compatible with Airport operations. The issue will be discussed and determined during the initial inquiry. Ultimately, there will be no fees applied to applications opposed by the GTAA.

Review Fee Schedule

Review type Review Fee (HST Included)
Type 1A $840
Type 1B $1,260
Type 1C $2,520
Type 2A $4,400
Type 2B $5,600