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Learn what new measures we're taking to ensure your safety while at Pearson

Before you start

Constructor on-boarding

If you are a new contractor working directly for the GTAA or if you are renewing your pre-qualification: access and read the Contractor Safety Pre-Qualification Guidelines (PDF, 616 KB)

New contractors

Once the GTAA awards you a construction or maintenance contract, you must: 
  1. Complete the Contractor’s Safety Pre-Qualification Application (PDF, 413 KB)
  2. Submit your application to the Construction Compliance and Permits Office (CCPO) at constructioncompliance@gtaa.com for assessment.

If any further information is needed, the CCPO will contact you directly.

Renewing contractors

All existing contractors holding a current GTAA contract and who have been previously pre-qualified, must: 
  1. Complete the Contractor’s Safety Pre-Qualification Application (PDF, 413 KB)
  2. Submit the form along with supporting documentation to the CCPO at constructioncompliance@gtaa.com for assessment.
Once all required documentation is submitted and reviewed, the CCPO will then send you a “Contractor Safety Pre-Qualification Status Letter” specifying the type of work you have been pre-qualified to undertake for the GTAA and an expiry date. 

You will need to renew this pre-qualification every two years. During the two-year valid period, you must include a copy of the issued Letter with all submissions to Pearson during the competitive bidding (either request for proposals or tender) process.

Constructors (construction managers or general contractors)

Contractors taking on the role of constructor (construction manager or general contractor) must obtain their Certificate of Recognition (COR), which demonstrates that their health and safety management system has been developed, implemented and will be evaluated on an annual basis through comprehensive internal and external audits and checks. For more detailed information about COR Certification, please visit the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA) website.

Before December 31, 2020

For GTAA projects greater than $5 million, constructors show they are COR-certified or demonstrate that they are actively pursuing certification by providing an IHSA issued “Letter of Intent” in the interim.

After January 1, 2021

For all GTAA projects, constructors must show they are COR-certified by submitting their IHSA-issued “Letter of Good Standing.”

Access to Projectwise and eShare

Consultants and contractors working on Pearson-sponsored projects at the airport can ask for direct access to these systems:

  • ProjectWise – technical document management system,
  • eShare – cloud-based document collaboration and transfer system, where direct access to ProjectWise is not required.

To request access to either system, ask your Pearson Project Manager or Tenant representative.

Data provision requests

Data provisions are prepared every Friday for requests received before the end of business on Wednesday of the same week.

To request engineering data, fill out the Data Request Form  (PDF, 139 KB) and include the following details:

  • GTAA project manager, or leasing representative
  • GTAA project number or lease agreement number, if assigned
  • Detailed description of project
  • Specific location of project
  • Recipient of information

Our Engineering Data unit will deliver a transmittal document to the recipient listed in your request form. The transmittal document must be signed and returned to the GTAA by a signing authority of the requesting company before data will be given.

By signing, the requesting company acknowledges and agrees to abide by the terms and conditions laid out on the transmittal document and commits to provide final as-built and/or record data to the GTAA upon completion of the project.

Questions? Contact the Engineering Data Team at engdata@gtaa.com.

Drawing number requests

Drawings numbers can only be assigned by our Engineering Data unit. Please prepare a list of drawings in Excel format and forward to the supervisor engineering of data operations. The list should include a drawing description, sheet numbers (if applicable) and be grouped by discipline.

Record data submissions

When a construction project is complete, you must submit your final documentation, which must include:

  • A single contiguous CADD dataset for each engineering discipline as laid out in our CADD Standard Guide (PDF, 446 KB)
  • Adobe PDF and source CADD sheet files of stamped as-built files

Before starting design, review the Record Data Submissions Guide  (PDF, 729 KB) to avoid delays for your project's final close-out.

If you have any questions about the our requirements, contact the Engineering Data unit at engdata@gtaa.com.

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