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FAP close-out

Nearing completion

When the construction has reached around 97% of its total scope, representatives of the project consultants and/or any GTAA stakeholders should conduct an inspection.

To schedule this inspection, complete the Request for Inspection form (PDF, 191 KB) and email it to

On the day of the inspection, notified parties meet at the construction site to start the inspection of the construction, coordinated by the FAP Permit Holder or a representative.

Final completion

When construction is complete, request a final inspection at least five days in advance to confirm that construction has reached final completion. Complete the Request for Inspection form (PDF, 191 KB) (pick “Progress Inspection” at the top of the form) and email it to

To prepare for the final inspection, the permit holder and the contractor must give copies of the required final documentation to the Independent Code Consultant, Fire Prevention and the Construction Compliance and Permits Office (CCPO). For a full list of required documentation, refer to the FAP Close-out Checklist & Guide 2023.

On the day of the final inspection, the notified parties will meet at the construction site to start their reviews. The permit holder must provide any previously requested documentation to the Independent Code Consultant and Fire Prevention. All final documentation should also be emailed to as soon as it is available.

The project team should allow adequate time between the final review(s) and the issuance of the Occupancy/Use Permit to allow for:

  • CCPO and consultants to review and accept of the final documentation
  • Project contractor or consultants to resolve any outstanding issues

During the inspection, the FAP Permit Holder should document any outstanding defects and deficiencies for follow-up and resolution to the CCPO’s satisfaction. The contractor must address all noted outstanding issues before CCPO can issue a final Occupancy/Use Permit.

Taking occupancy

CCPO will issue an Occupancy/Use Permit when all the permit holder and contractor have fulfilled all the project requirements to the complete satisfaction of the Independent Code Consultant, Fire Prevention and the CCPO.

The CCPO may issue a Partial or Conditional Occupancy/Use Permit which allows a portion of the project already completed to the satisfaction of the CCPO to be used or occupied for specific purposes only, pending the completion of the requirements for obtaining a full Occupancy/Use Permit.

Assurance of Professional Review (PDF, 232 KB)

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