Cranes and aerial devices

Airport Zoning Regulations (AZRs)

AZRs help ensure the safety of our airport. They maintain the safety of aircraft around the airport, shield navigational aids from obstacles, set a maximum height limit for structures and natural objects surrounding the airport and prohibit the dumping of waste materials on lands next to airports.

Apply for a crane permit 

If you would like to operate a crane at Pearson, or within the obstacle assessment area, complete and submit the Crane Permit Assessment Form on this page. To determine whether the crane location requires a permit, your application will be assessed along with the following information:

Land use approval

If you are building a new structure or altering an existing structure, you will need approval for land use from both Pearson and NAV CANADA before a crane operation permit can be issued. You can submit your proposal to NAV CANADA using their Land Use Submission Form.

Permit requirements

  • All permit requests must be received by 1:30 pm local time, three business days before the scheduled lift. Please allow extra time for tower crane permits.
  • For every address where you intend to perform work, you must submit a separate and fully completed Crane Permit Assessment Form.
  • You must provide the maximum tip height requested for this lift, which may not be the maximum height the crane is capable of.
  • Effective May 1, 2022, crane permit fees will be collected as per the schedule.

Processing time

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