Commercial filming

Approved filming locations

Select locations at Pearson are approved for commercial filming and photography. To conduct any non-news filming or photography at Pearson, you will need to apply for a permit by completing our Commercial Filming/Photography Application Form.

FESTI (Fire and Emergency Services Training Institute)

FESTI is a private career college located on airport grounds. If you'd like to film at FESTI, contact the institute directly for fees and rates. You will still need to complete the Commercial filming/photography permit application.

Leased facilities

If you'd like to access any of our leased facilities for filming or photography, contact the Tenant directly. All filming activities conducted at any leased facility must have a valid commercial filming permit issued by the GTAA and all applicable fees must be paid in full.


To obtain a Filming/Photography Permit, applicants must:

  1. Carry a minimum of $2 million commercial general liability insurance
  2. Accept the Terms and Conditions of the Filming/Photography Permit


Fees for filming depend on the complexity of the filming project. For our current rates, contact

Processing time

Plan ahead for your film or photo permits. Our processing times are as follows:

  • General requests – minimum 15 business days
  • Complex requests – up to 20 business days

We try to respond to all applicants within five business days of receiving your application. Our Commercial Filming Advisory Group reserves the right to decline filming requests that are not in line with our vision and mission.


For more information about applying for a film permit, email

Airside Permit notice:

As of the end of October, Airside Permit numbers will be changing.

  • Airside Permit formerly contained a 3-digit code, “OCC” will be changing to a 2-digit code, “AS”

Commercial filming/photography permit application