Topic: A quieter operations roadmap

In June 2015, the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) and NAV CANADA began a conversation to explore noise mitigation ideas with communities across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Feedback provided by you and your neighbours across the GTA helped us better identify noise reduction opportunities in residential areas. These conversations led to the creation of the Toronto Noise Mitigation Initiatives Engagement Plan, commonly known as the Six Ideas.

Each idea underwent technical analysis to understand the impacts and benefits for local communities, and the feasibility of implementing the initiative given the demand forecast for Toronto Pearson. Where possible, we looked for opportunities to minimize the total number of people impacted by aircraft noise.

Your feedback throughout the spring 2018 consultation period helped us get one step closer to making Toronto Pearson an international leader in aviation noise management.

The six ideas

Ideas 1 to 4 focus on how airborne aircraft approach and depart Toronto Pearson. NAV CANADA is responsible for air traffic control and designing flight paths. Ideas 5 and 6 explore the way the runways are used by aircraft arriving to and departing from Toronto Pearson. The GTAA responsible for runway assets at the airport.

Idea 1 - Night-time approaches

Between 12:30 and 6:30 am, new flight paths will be used by arriving aircraft. The new routes will help avoid populated areas and impact fewer people.

Idea 2 - Night-time departures

Between 12:30 and 6:30 am, night-time departure route changes will help avoid populated areas and impact fewer people.

Idea 3 - Increase downwind speed

Changes in speed restrictions on the downwind portion of the arrival flight path will help to reduce noise in some areas of the city.

Idea 4 - Continuous descent

Increasing the use of continuous descent operations enables aircraft to be at higher altitudes during a longer portion of the arrival. It also enables more aircraft to operate in a clean, quieter profile at a reduced thrust and flap setting.

Idea 5 - Summer weekend runway alternation program

This program would provide residents under the final approach and initial departure paths of the east/west runways with predictable respite on summer weekends.

Idea 6 - Preferential runway system review

Proposed changes will further minimize the population affected by night-time aircraft noise and provide residents with more clarity on which runways will be used in which weather conditions.

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