Starting August 9, fully vaccinated U.S. citizens and permanent residents living in and coming directly from the U.S will be allowed to enter Canada. As of September 7, fully vaccinated travellers from any country will be allowed.
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Due to government travel requirements, international arriving passengers should expect delays when arriving during peak times.
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Consultative committee on taxis and limousines

Simply put, taxicabs and limousines are an integral part of our transportation system. That’s why representatives from the GTAA get together regularly with those from the taxicab and limousine industry to form the Consultative Committee on Taxis and Limousines (CCTL). Our mandate includes:

  • Sharing of information relating to the taxicab and limousine service at the airport and discussing matters directly relating to maintaining an efficient service
  • Facilitating communication of information to drivers, permit holders and others relating to taxicab and limousine service and operations at the airport
  • Making recommendations with respect to customer service and operational matters

The purpose of CCTL meetings is to truly provide the travelling public with the best possible service—while still taking into consideration the issues, needs, and concerns of Toronto Pearson's permit holders, licensees and drivers.

CCTL meetings are not open to the public.

View the Terms of Reference.

Contact the GTAA representative at (416) 776-3798 for further information.

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