Topic: Airport growth and noise fairness

Pearson Airport created a Residents' Reference Panel to help guide us through the next phase of our growth and ensure that we manage the impact of our operations responsibly.

During their four meetings together, the 36 members of the Panel learned from a range of experts and stakeholders. They used information collected from meetings with stakeholders, public workshops, an extensive noise-fairness survey of GTA residents and information sessions to put forward recommendations for Pearson to take into consideration.

In October 2017, the Panel submitted their final report on Airport Growth and Noise Fairness. The report details recommendations to ensure the airport grows in a responsible and sustainable way.

Final report (PDF, 5.1 MB)

Survey on Airport Growth and Noise Fairness (PDF, 3.3 MB)

The results

Toronto Pearson reviewed the details of the report and determined how to reflect the proposed principles, values and recommendations in a number of important projects, including consultation on the Six Ideas: A quieter operations roadmap, the 2017-2037 Master Plan, and our updated 2018-2022 Noise Management Action Plan.

Background on the Panel

The Panel’s Mandate

The Reference Panel was tasked with advising us on the measures, standards and commitments we should adopt to meet the needs of area residents and support regional growth.

Specifically, the Reference Panel developed:

  • A set of values which describe its vision of responsible growth
  • A list of issues which we should attempt to address within our growth plan
  • Criteria for evaluating options to mitigate and manage aircraft noise
  • Additional recommendations concerning transit options, noise management, environmental stewardship and public communications and engagement

To fulfill its mandate, the Panel has:

  • Learned about aviation trends, airport operations and their impacts, international best practices
  • Considered contrasting perspectives and the wider regulatory environment in which the airport operates
  • Addressed the concerns of those most impacted by aircraft operations
  • Recommended actions that can support responsible growth of the airport and the region

Please note that the Panel was an advisory body, not a decision-making authority.

The Panelists

The 36 members of the Residents’ Reference Panel were selected at random, but in such a way that they broadly represented the demographics of the Greater Toronto Area – in terms of gender, age, home ownership and other criteria. They were also selected to ensure strong representation by residents of neighbourhoods that are strongly impacted by aircraft noise.

Download the Resident Reference Panels demographic handout (PDF, 339 KB), which shows how our Panel breaks down demographically, and where the panelists are from.

A map showing approximately where each of the 36 panelists is from, based on the first three digits of their postal code.

Meeting documents

Frequently asked questions

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