Airport Safety Week 2021: Day 2

Mental Health 

Mental health, is a state of well-being, and we all have it. Just like we each have a state of physical health, we also each have our mental health to look after. It’s about enjoying life, having a sense of purpose, and being able to manage life’s highs and lows. 

October is Mental Health Awareness Month and it's important to continue the conversation and put emphasis on awareness, advocacy, accessibility and addressing the stigma. This presentation discusses the importance of mental health, the impacts of declining mental health, how to support ourselves and others.  

Hazard Reporting: Emergency and Non-Emergency Events

Our passengers and visitors have an expectation that we are looking out for their safety and security while at the airport. It is important that we are all able to go home to our families safely when our workday has ended. With your help, we can make Toronto Pearson a safer place to work.

Report it to keep Toronto Pearson safe! 

If you notice something or someone out of place, a suspicious person, or even a small spill on the floor, do not assume that someone else has already reported the same issue. It is better to receive multiple reports about the same issue than to have it go unreported and someone be injured as a result. 

Keeping you and your family safe: It takes one step to report – call it in! 


What happens when a safety concern is reported to the GTAA using the online form or Report It email?

When a safety concern is reported, a seven step process begins to assess and address the issue:

  1. First response – Thank you for reporting!
  2. Risk analysis – How serious is this event?
  3. Investigation – What happened?
  4. Root cause analysis – Why did this happen?
  5. Corrective action – How are we going to fix this?
  6. Audit – Did we fix the issue?
  7. Feedback – All safe! Thank you for reporting.

Eye on Safety Awards: Program update

COVID-19 has changed everything we do – including how we keep ourselves, each other and our passengers safe. As a result, the Eye on Safety Awards program has been refreshed and now recognizes individual and organizational contributions to healthy and safe work practices in every area of our airport.  

Learn more about the Eye on Safety Awards and how to nominate a colleague or organization today! 

Eye on Safety Award Nominee Spotlight - Gail

Meet Gail from American Airlines


Gail from American Airlines was nominated for a Health & Safety Leader award in the Safest Action category by her colleague who recognized how quickly Gail jumped into action to approach, re-direct, and report a passenger who was observed to be walking around the apron area in a location he was not supposed to be in. Gail assisted the clearly confused and disoriented man and ensured Security Operations was alerted to this incident as well. Her quick thinking and recognition that the situation did not seem right ensured the passenger didn’t gain access to an aircraft in the process of deplaning and that he was safely returned to the terminal gate area.

Thank you, Gail!

Do you know someone who should be nominated for an Eye on Safety Award? Nominate them today

Today’s quiz

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