• Propeller Project

    At Toronto Pearson, we want to have a positive impact in the communities around us. That's why we invest in community-building initiatives in Etobicoke, Brampton and Mississauga through the Propeller Project, our community investment program.

    The Propeller Project provides funding to local nonprofit organizations that focus on helping residents gain the skills, connections and opportunities needed to be meaningfully employed. By supporting organizations and initiatives that include research, advocacy and programming in the employment sector, we are helping to address the complex issues of underemployment in our region.

    The Propeller Project also supports good work that make our communities thrive. Through eco-related projects in local parks, to arts and culture placemaking activities, together with charitable organizations we are helping to create stronger, healthier and happier communities.

    Uplift Fund

    Through the Uplift Fund, Toronto Pearson is committed to support local area residents to gain the skills, connections and opportunities to be meaningfully employed. This funding stream supports research, advocacy and program projects focused on understanding, addressing, and reducing underemployment.

    Nest Fund

    Through the Nest Fund we support programs and organizations that will have a positive impact on communities surrounding Toronto Pearson. This funding stream assists a select number of initiatives in local neighbourhoods that create stronger, healthier and happier communities with priorities in:

    Environment: Partnerships focusing on promoting environmental sustainability and “green” initiatives.

    Community Vitality: Partnerships that create a sense of belonging through initiatives such as arts and culture, placemaking and city building.

    Employment: Partnerships that focus on job readiness, meaningful employment and pathways to opportunities.

    Review the Uplift Fund and Nest Fund project guidelines and eligibility.

    • We are now accepting applications for the Nest Fund. The Uplift Fund is currently closed and will reopen later in 2019.


    Propeller Project investments

    In 2018, the Propeller Project invested over one million dollars in community projects through partnerships with 24 organizations within Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton.

    Learn more about some of our partner organizations benefiting from Propeller Project:


    NPower Canada

    NPower Canada launches underserved young adults into meaningful and sustainable careers by providing free technical and professional training, paid internships, job placement and post-hire support. The program provides participants with free in-demand digital and professional skills training and connects them to career opportunities with some of Canada’s largest employers.

    scientists in school

    Scientists in School

    In partnership with Scientists in School, we have made our single biggest investment to provide more than 38,000 young students across the GTA with access to STEM programming. Over a three-year period ending in 2019, we’re investing $600,000 towards adopting 25 local schools in Brampton, Etobicoke and Mississauga through the Scientists in School Adopt-a-School program.

    access employment

    ACCES Employment

    ACCES Employment helps bridge the gap to meaningful employment for members of the local community. Our support of ACCES Employment is something we are proud to stand behind and we’re excited to help continue to bridge the gap to meaningful employment for members of the local community.



    MABELLEarts is an award-winning community arts organization in Central Etobicoke. Since 2007, MABELLEarts has worked with over 100 professional artists and over 4000 community members of all ages and backgrounds to create performances, workshops and events that unlock the creative potential of neglected public spaces. Recently, MABELLEarts has taken a leading role in developing programs geared at providing unemployed and underemployed newcomers in the Mabelle community with opportunities to take part in micro-business and community leadership skills training.

    Newcomer Kitchen

    Newcomer Kitchen

    The Newcomer Kitchen brings Syrian refugee women who are new to Canada together to cook and sell homemade meals to the community, with all proceeds shared among the cooks. Since the start of the program, Newcomer Kitchen has grown to support over 50 Syrian families and has built a large team of volunteers. This effort has not gone unnoticed; the good work of the Newcomer Kitchen caught the attention of the New York Times.

    Immigrant Access Fund

    Windmill Microlending

    Windmill Microlending supports immigrants, including refugees, who arrive in our country equipped with excellent professional skills and knowledge but face significant barriers to employment. Windmill Microlending provides micro loans of up to $10,000 to internationally trained immigrants so they can obtain the Canadian licensing or training they need to work in their field.

    How to support the Propeller Project

    Propeller Project Globes

    From October to December, donations placed in the glass Propeller Project Globes in Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 will go towards the expansion of Etobicoke General Hospital.

    Runway Run

    2018 Runway Run logo banner.

    The annual Runway Run is our signature fundraiser benefiting community organizations through Propeller Project, our community investment program.

    Contact Us

    For questions about Toronto Pearson community investment and the Propeller Project, please contact propeller.project@gtaa.com.

    Propeller Project

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