GTAA Commitment to The Pearson Standard

In addition to the newly released Rules and Regulations for operating at Toronto Pearson, which hold expectations for various stakeholders in our airport ecosystem, the GTAA commits to achieving its own standards of performance in areas within its control and influence, and to leading a culture of transparency that will enable better planning for the entire airport ecosystem. We do well when our words and actions earn the trust of those who rely on us. We only achieve trust when we are accountable. As such, we come together in partnership with all aviation-sector stakeholders to elevate the travel experience and deliver on the Pearson Standard.

At the GTAA we are accountable to our airport stakeholder by delivering strong and consistent performance in the areas within our control and influence, and we will measure and share our performance in the following areas:

  • Baggage – A system that performs to a high standard of operational efficiency, capable of meeting the demands of our airline stakeholders by achieving hourly baggage throughput targets and daily system up time operational targets.
  • IT – Hardware that performs well for specific check-in, gate technology (such as self-service kiosks, check-in counters and e-Gates) and border processing to enable our partners to deliver quality service.
  • People moving devices – Elevators, escalators and moving sidewalks that operate according to up-time performance targets and enable safe movement across the airport.
  • De-icing – A safe and effective program that meets stakeholder demand for a consistent aircraft throughput per hour in winter operations.
  • Runways and taxiways – Surfaces that are safe and serviceable to meet or exceed planned configuration throughput based on weather conditions.
  • Terminal Conditions – Consistent standards of cleanliness and facilities that are consistently in good working order and repair to make the airport experience pleasant.
  • Accessibility – A barrier-free, safe and enjoyable passenger experience, including a wide variety of accessible services and facilities designed to enable more choice, comfort and autonomy for persons with disabilities throughout the travel journey.
  • Official Languages – Equal service, communication and signage to serve the travelling public in both of Canada’s official languages.
  • Support – A level of service to all airport stakeholders to enable operations, onboard staff quickly (such as Pass Office), navigate safety and security programs (such as the Logistics Program), and respond promptly to issues reported to the IOCC.

The GTAA takes this commitment seriously and will ensure the consistent, fair and transparent administration of the Rules and Regulations, including consequences across all airport stakeholders to which they apply. Together we can define the Pearson Standard and achieve world class performance.

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