Working at the GTAA

Our guiding principles

We value safety, our passengers, respect, belonging and wellness. In our daily work, we strive to model the following behaviours: 


We understand and value the uniqueness of individuals and effectively leverage the diverse perspectives of others for greater innovation and results.


We quickly and effectively adapt to change and are able to rapidly course correct with resiliency, all while consistently delivering great results.


We develop theories based on data and insights to help recognize, select and shape new creative opportunities and test ideas that drive the most value.


We build strong and diverse networks of people to work inclusively with different stakeholders, delivering results together, while maintaining personal wellness.


We prioritize and identify clear objectives, outcomes and impacts relating to our work that are tied to our areas of strategic focus. We ground every decision in actionable insights through analytics, data, expertise and best practice and consistently deliver measurable results.

A diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment

We welcome the world to Canada every day and having a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment is one of our most competitive advantages. Ensuring that our employees can bring their best selves to work enables us to meet the demands of a challenging global marketplace, drive innovation and provide a warm welcome to people from around the globe. 

Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility shapes our activities and operations. To create the airport of the future, we must manage the airport responsibly. We’re working hard to maximize the economic benefits that Toronto Pearson brings, while carefully managing our environmental responsibilities and being a good neighbour to our local communities. Learn more about our corporate responsibility.


At the GTAA, we are committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for workers and passengers.

All individuals employed at the GTAA are collectively responsible for health, safety and security. We strive every day to ensure the airport is free of hazards and operated in a safe manner towards our commitment to achieving zero injuries among Toronto Pearson employees, passengers and visitors. 

Departments at GTAA

We are made up of many departments that help us thrive.

Airport Development and Technical Services

Within Airport Development and Technical Services, the Airport Development and Construction division leads capital projects related to enhancing existing airport facilities or developing new ones, as well as master planning for future airport growth. 

The Engineering and Architectural Services division is structured primarily around: airside and civil infrastructure, building systems, architecture, and engineering data. The team delivers the design, construction and engineering support of our terminal, airside and ground side infrastructure.

The Aviation Infrastructure, Energy and Environment division has oversight of power generation, provision of airside electrical and aviation infrastructure maintenance and environmental operations, auditing and energy management services. 

The Technical Performance division oversees asset management, operational and financial performance, maintenance systems, construction compliance, health and safety, and training. 

The Terminal Infrastructure division maintains our terminals, parking garages and the automated people mover stations, as well as building systems such as life safety, plumbing and baggage. 

Airport Operations

The Airport Operations department oversees the 24/7 operations at Toronto Pearson, performing a critical role in managing and maintaining consistently safe, secure, efficient and reliable terminal operations and airside services, including snow and grounds maintenance.

The Airside Ground Operations division is tasked with airside operations and maintenance, as well as the maintenance of groundside roads, bridges and landscapes.

The Fire and Emergency Services team provides emergency response services.

The Aviation Safety Regulations and Performance division develops and implements procedures to ensure stakeholder compliance with all airport standards and regulations.

The Baggage Services team is responsible for maintaining the reliability of the baggage system at Toronto Pearson.

The Deicing Operations division maintains Toronto Pearson’s deicing facility during winter operations.

The Airport Operations team oversees the Integrated Operations Control Centre—the centre of operations and information flow—and maintains airport-wide situational awareness at all times.

The Customer and Agency Development division liaises with air carriers and government agencies, including Canada Border Services Agency, Canadian Air Transport Security Authority and United States Customs and Border Protection.

The Terminal Operations team manages wayfinding and navigation signage, as well as service and standards maintenance, which includes cleaning, and is tasked with the seamless execution of passenger, air carrier and government agency operations within the terminals. The team also manages operations for all transportation to and from Toronto Pearson, including passenger and employee parking, taxis and limos, Transportation Network Companies (TNCs), car rentals, long distance transportation and public transit.

The Operations Planning division engages with airlines and stakeholders to identify and develop aviation activity and plans for operating schedules; undertakes capacity assessments and operational analyses in support of future airside planning requirements; and ensures that airside and baggage asset modifications and all planned airside construction and activities are delivered in a coordinated manner to support effective operations.

Finance and Commercial

The Finance and Commercial department supports the organization with timely and useful information on strategic planning, performance and risk. The team focuses on creating and maintaining business opportunities for Toronto Pearson, backed by data and integrated analytics.

The team provides sound advice and best-in-class business processes. The department proactively plans to mitigate risk, to ensure the ongoing availability of cash and to ensure the GTAA invests in areas that will yield the highest value for the future.

Finance and Commercial develops a shared agenda with organizational areas, focusing on outcomes and prioritizing efforts by balancing business needs, available resources, technological and information security risks, and reliable, cost-effective operations. The team focuses on creating and maintaining business and revenue opportunities for Toronto Pearson, backed by data and integrated analytics.

Finance and Commercial manages commercial development, which includes retail, food and beverage sales, as well as the parking and ground transportation business, and also takes the lead in real estate development and the creation of strategic or advertising partnerships.

Governance, Corporate Safety and Security

The Governance, Corporate Safety and Security department comprises the Governance and Legal and Corporate Safety and Security teams. The Governance and Legal team advises the GTAA about its legal rights and obligations and supports the strategic decision-making of the GTAA’s Board of Directors. The Corporate Safety and Security team helps make Toronto Pearson a safe and secure place to work and travel.

Human Resources and Corporate Services

The Human Resources and Corporate Services department oversees and provides guidance regarding the full employee lifecycle at the GTAA by providing effective policies, practices and support for our most important resource: our people. The team supports the organization with recruitment, employee relations, diversity, equity and inclusion practices, total rewards, learning and development and other programs to ensure employees are safe, well, engaged and high performing. 

Information Technology

The Information Technology department is a key resource in the identification, scoping, delivery and support of technology solutions across all areas of the airport.

The IT Services division provides 24/7 support to resolve technology issues across the GTAA. The team maximizes the value and full potential of vendor relationships to support the achievement of the GTAA’s business goals and objectives.

The Technology, Architecture and Planning division helps the GTAA effectively achieve current and future technology objectives through analyzing, planning, designing and supporting the implementation of enterprise technology.

The IT Programs and Strategy division leads IT innovation and technology growth at the GTAA by building a strategy to help the GTAA evolve in line with current and future technological needs. The team also develops and leads IT projects and programs from ideation to delivery and implementation.

The IT Airport Planning and Development division provides IT engagement in airport development, construction and security.

The Information Security division protects the GTAA's IT digital assets.

Stakeholder Relations and Communications

The Stakeholder Relations and Communications department provides communications, stakeholder engagement, social impact, marketing, passenger programs, research, creative services and strategic counsel to internal clients.

The team plays a key role in the stewardship of the GTAA’s and Toronto Pearson’s reputation and brand across various communication channels and audiences, delivers against our Passenger First strategy, advocates to government in support of priority issues, builds and maintains a network of business and other champions to amplify our voice and engages our community to build and maintain strong relationships with our neighbours.