NAOSH 2022: Day 1

Airport Safety Programs

Safety and security are our top priorities – they are at the core of every decision we make. We developed the Pearson Safety Program as part of our commitment to the safety and security of our employees, passengers and guests who visit Toronto. Here are some of our program initiatives:

Eye of Safety Newsletter

Stay up to date with the Eye on Safety newsletter! The newsletter provides helpful tips to identify and address common safety concerns at Toronto Pearson, along with new updates. Sign up any time, or before May 6th 11:59 pm to enter in one of this week’s contests. Read the full contest rules.

Airport Safety and Security Training

Safety and security at the airport are very important. Toronto Pearson has a learning program in place for employees that promotes a culture of vigilance and reporting of security and safety concerns.

Airport Security and Safety Awareness learning is designed to educate airport employees of their role and responsibilities as it relates to airport security, safety and health. This learning is completed online and divided into three modules. Learn more.

At Pearson, there are additional ways to maintain your health, safety and security while at work. Check them out below!

Slip and Falls Program

Watch your step! Prevent slip and falls at home and at work:

  • Wear appropriate footwear
  • Use safe walking practices
  • Avoid distractions
  • Take extra care on moving walkways and escalators – if you have excess baggage, strollers, etc. be sure to use an elevator
  • Keep your workspace clear – be mindful of tripping hazards that can be caused by ground service equipment, chocks and cones

When exiting a vehicle:

  • Look first before stepping out from the vehicle
  • Maintain three-point contact when stepping out
  • Use the vehicle for support
  • Do not grab objects such as coffee mug, water bottles, etc., as you are exiting, exit the vehicle first then retrieve items
  • Try to keep your centre of gravity over your support leg for better balance
  • Keep your hands out of your pockets
  • Look first before stepping out from the vehicle

Slip and falls poster

Lock then Walk Program

Unauthorized movement of passengers and employees between security areas is a concern to government inspection agencies and the GTAA. These incidents could impact and inconvenience our airlines and passengers by causing flight delays.

As a reminder, swipe your RAIC every time it is required. Always monitor the door and wait for it to lock behind you to prevent unauthorized entry of passengers or other employees.
You will notice blue “LOCK THEN WALK” stickers and posters at security doors around the airport. Do your part in promoting a culture of security vigilance and reporting.

Our safety team will be onsite on Monday giving away safety recognition pins and keychains to those observed monitoring the door and waiting for it to lock behind you.

Take the pop quiz for a chance to win.

Lock then walk poster

Pearson Chapel

Toronto Pearson Chapel spaces and Chaplains serving to meet the multifaith spiritual and mental health needs of the Pearson Airport community since 1979. The Chapel spaces at each Terminal are easily accessible pre-security to all passengers, employees and the general public 24hrs every day of the week, while crisis support, grief share, and counselling care services and programs are offered by a mature team of qualified Chaplains and volunteers. Pearson’s Chaplains also actively promote safety through awareness of sex trafficking through our Domestic and International borders. Learn more about the Pearson Chapel.

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