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Therapy Dogs

Updates regarding COVID-19

The Therapy Dogs program is temporarily suspended due to our proactive response to COVID-19. Please continue to monitor our webpage for updates. 

As part of the Toronto Pearson Welcome Team Volunteer Program—a group of 340 volunteers who help passengers in our terminals every day—you’ll find the SJA Therapy dogs and their handlers walking through Terminals 1 and 3 on a flexible, weekly rotation. Feel free to approach the dogs and pet them while you’re here!


"When I am not chasing squirrels, I love to greet people and make them smile at Toronto Pearson. I look forward to spending some time with you before you take off or meet your loved one at the airport."


"My name is Cheyenne and I would love to follow you on to your plane, especially if you are going to Alaska, as I am a true northern dog at heart. If I can’t be your travel companion, I’ll ensure your travel experience at Toronto Pearson is a great one!"


"My name is Pumpkin and I love greeting people at Toronto Pearson and making them smile. I do get into mischief sometimes, especially when I eat my Mom’s lip balm. Yummy! If I could fly anywhere in the world, it would be to Tibet to visit the Buddhist monks."


"My name is Daisey. I’m the youngest member of the Therapy Dog pack at Toronto Pearson! I love greeting people, making them smile, and volunteering at Toronto Pearson. My mom likes to take pictures of me and my big ears, so I have my own Instagram account."

Ringo Starr

"My name is Ringo Starr and I am Fab! All I need to do is act naturally to make your day at Toronto Pearson. I hope to travel to Finland, whether on an airplane or a yellow submarine. I know I will get there with a little help from my friends!"


"My name is Ghost. I’m here to brighten your day at Toronto Pearson. I love to greet people and make them smile. In the summer, I love going camping, swimming and playing in the lake. In winter I like to take snow baths on a cold, snowy day."


"My name is Shep and I love to eat cheese and hoard socks! I also love greeting new people at Toronto Pearson. If I could fly anywhere in the world I would go to Wisconsin, cause that’s where cheese is made!"


"My full name is Makani Orion Under the Sky, but you can call me Hunter! When I’m not greeting people at Toronto Pearson, I totally love taking a snooze on the couch! One day, I’d love to travel to anywhere in Europe and devour all the delicious food."


"Hey everybody, my name is Snickers, which also happens to be my handler’s favourite chocolate bar! I love greeting all the people at Toronto Pearson and making them smile. If I could fly anywhere in the world, it would be to Florida to play on the dog beach!"


"Nothing makes me happier then greeting lots of new people at Toronto Pearson. I love being petted, getting and giving love, so being a St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog has come naturally to me. Making someone smile – makes my day!"


"My name is Zorie. I love fun activities like paddle boarding and playing hide and seek. Most of all, I love greeting new people at Toronto Pearson and bringing them joy. I look forward to visiting with you and making you smile."

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