On June 26th, the Canadian Airports Council is inviting airports across the country to celebrate the inaugural Airport Workers Day.
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Welcome Team

The Welcome Team is a group of people from our community who volunteer at the airport every week. Volunteers work alongside Pearson employees to enhance the passenger experience.

How we help

Welcome Team volunteers are easily identifiable with their friendly faces, wearing their bright blue Welcome Team vest or jacket. They lend a hand throughout the airport and are positioned strategically in high-traffic areas in our terminals as well as the Link Train platforms, to welcome passengers, assist them with general wayfinding and respond to passenger questions.

While at Pearson, if you need help to...

  • navigate your way through the airport
  • verify you are in the correct terminal
  • be personally taken to the correct terminal
  • locate your airline counter
  • know where to shop, dine, and relax at the airport
  • be directed to your gate
  • find the nearest washroom
  • locate public and private transportation out of the airport
  • be connected with a variety of airport staff and services (i.e. Passenger Service Representatives, airline staff)

Please look for a Welcome Team volunteer and you will be sure to get the help you need! 

Welcome Team Therapy Dogs

In February 2019, the Welcome Team partnered with the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog program and launched the Welcome Team Therapy Dog Program. The therapy dogs, along with their volunteer handlers, are important contributors in providing a welcoming, friendly, fun and memorable experience for passengers as they travel through the airport. The Welcome Team therapy dogs visit passengers pre and post security in our terminals and help them feel welcomed and relaxed as they travel through the airport.

Make sure to say “hello” the next time you see a Welcome Team therapy dog and ask their handlers for their special trading card.

You can get to know the therapy dogs a little better on our Therapy Dog page.

Welcome Team volunteers with 2 therapy dogs

All Welcome Team volunteers love to contribute to fostering a welcoming and relaxing environment while creating a memorable experience for our passengers!

Interested in joining the team?

Community members who are interested in volunteering at Pearson and getting experience in this dynamic setting can register to attend an information session by submitting an application on the Welcome Team section of the Careers page.


I noticed the passenger’s teary eyes and I realized how meaningful it is to help someone who just landed in a different country for the first time. That really made me feel good about volunteering at this airport. I get to help people and represent Toronto and Canada as well.
- PB, Welcome Team volunteer
Welcome Team volunteers assisting a passenger
When these passengers walked through the entrance doors and saw me smiling at them, they honoured me by making me part of their incredible adventure, even if I was in it for just a few minutes. It felt like I was going on the trip with them.
- JF, Welcome Team volunteer
Welcome Team volunteer talking to a passenger
While our primary task is wayfinding, our powerful work is in the very human connections that we make while doing it.
- DG, Welcome Team volunteer
Welcome Team volunteer giving directions to a passenger