Government of Canada extends the suspension of flights from Pakistan and India
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Federal government has announced intention to revise travel restrictions for vaccinated eligible travellers.
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About Pearson Works! Online

The Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) has partnered with the Toronto Airport Workers Council (TAWC) to create Pearson Works! Online, a virtual resource centre dedicated to support the employee and employer communities at Toronto Pearson. Read the joint statement from GTAA and TAWC released May 1, 2020.

COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on the aviation industry and thousands of airport jobs have been lost as a result of this pandemic. Toronto Pearson is uniquely positioned to mobilize and play a leading role for both airport employees and those in the surrounding community as the workforce returns to the airport.

Pearson Works! Online will assist both employees and employers at Toronto Pearson with relevant information and resources offered by community partners with strong expertise in employment, social services and training programs. Pearson Works! Online will provide a space to share, co-create, develop and accelerate the implementation of workforce recovery trainings and activities. It will include services such as job search support, trainings, essential skills development programs and career pathing for airport jobs. In addition, there are future plans to launch an airport-wide job portal to help employers and job seekers connect.

Community non-profit agencies and partners of the Propeller Project will offer tailored programs and events needed during this difficult transition, as we work together to build a stronger workforce and airport. The Propeller Project is a community investment initiative of the GTAA dedicated to funding community organizations working to support people to become meaningfully employed. The objective of Pearson Works! Online is to help airport employees connect with the right opportunities and programs to ensure our airport community and regional economy is resilient and thriving.

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