Pearson safety divisions

Key divisions work on site to identify and mitigate security risks, threats and vulnerabilities:

These divisions perform important safety functions, like emergency response, training and certification and airport inspections.

Read our Safety and Security Policy (PDF, 78 KB).

Reporting safety concerns

We are committed to safety and security at Pearson and encourage feedback from our visitors.

In the airport

If you observe criminal activity or suspicious behaviour, or if you have any general security concerns or questions, please complete our safety form. Our security coordinators review and investigate all information that is submitted.

Do not use this form for immediate safety and emergency situations. If you are experiencing an emergency, call the Airport Emergency Line at (416) 776-3033.

On your flight

To share feedback on an in-flight experience, contact your airline.

Security screening

If you have a comment or question about pre-board screening, checked baggage inspection or packing recommendations, contact CATSA.

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