Our story

A global hub airport

Pearson is Canada’s largest airport in terms of total passenger traffic and North America’s second largest in terms of international traffic. With daily non-stop flights to more than 67% of the world’s economies, we move people and goods across the country, the continent and around the globe.

We have a bold vision for the future. Our strategic vision is to be the best airport in the world – the entry point on the continent – and we are well positioned to make this ambitious vision a reality.

To reach our goal, we will differentiate ourselves by:

  • Ensuring reliable service
  • Anticipating and exceeding of the needs of our visitors
  • Fostering a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere
  • Providing competitive costs and value to airlines and our shared passengers
  • Growing sustainably

Where we are going

Ontario’s provincial economy is growing faster than the rest of Canada’s and its population is increasing rapidly. Just as Ontario’s growth drives traffic increases at Pearson, the airport in turn acts as a major engine of the province’s growth.

By 2037, we estimate we will:

  • Facilitate 700,000 jobs
  • Serve 85 million passengers a year
  • Generate 8.5% of Ontario's GDP

As much as we’re focused on preparing for growth globally, we also understand that airports are distinctly local. That’s why we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint and being a good neighbour to the communities we serve. Because if we’re not growing together, we’re not growing in the right way.

We will continue to focus on building our status as an international gateway: enhancing the customer experience, safety, security, the success of our airline partners and the regional economy.

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