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The Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) is the operator of Toronto Pearson International Airport. The GTAA’s mandate includes developing, managing and operating airports within the south-central Ontario region, to set fees and charges for the use of such airports and to develop and improve airport facilities.

Pearson, as a global hub, continues to serve the Southern Ontario region and connects flights to and from other domestic and international destinations.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Toronto Pearson is not only creating a safe, healthy airport experience for passengers and employees, but also striving to connect people and economies in ways that expand opportunity and build shared resilience. This is being accomplished through four areas of focus:

  • Healthy workforce: We’re committed to protecting and sustaining the well-being of everyone who works at Toronto Pearson. Not only GTAA employees, but tens of thousands of colleagues in nearly 400 organizations who support our passengers and operate our facilities.
  • Healthy business: We’re transforming every area of operations at Toronto Pearson, adopting new ways of working that are nimble, collaborative, outcome-focused, driven by analytics – and above all, highly innovative, challenging every assumption.
  • Healthy economy: Toronto Pearson is a vital engine of job creation, economic activity and investment. As we build and execute our recovery plan, we’re working with business, government and community partners to drive renewal and growth across the regional and national economies.
  • Healthy communities: We connect Pearson’s neighbours to the world, strengthening social and economic links and providing access to essential goods such as food, medicine and technology. Partnering with diverse stakeholders, we’re helping build more equitable and sustainable communities.

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