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TORONTO, June 7, 2023 – Today, Deborah Flint, President and CEO of the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA), announced the launch of the "Jobs at Pearson" job portal and the "I Am Toronto Pearson" campaign. These initiatives are part of Toronto Pearson's comprehensive workforce strategy and development program, aimed at sustaining a dynamic and resilient workforce at Canada’s largest airport.

With the support of the Province of Ontario's Skills Development Fund (SDF), Toronto Pearson has explored new approaches to airport-wide workforce development and employee retention. The SDF has provided the opportunity to pilot initiatives that will build, support and future-proof the airport's workforce pipeline.

Deborah Flint, President and CEO of the GTAA, stated, "Maintaining operations of Canada's largest and busiest airport requires a diverse workforce for hundreds of employers. After a rapid recovery in air travel following the pandemic, our role has evolved to one that simulates airport-wide workforce development and address labour shortages. The Ontario Government and its Skills Development Fund has supported us in building a future workforce that can drive innovation and transform the travel experience."

“When running on all cylinders, the Toronto Pearson Employment Zone provides meaningful careers to more than 300,000 people,” said Monte McNaughton, Minister of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development. “Our government is proud to support innovative employment and training programs that help keep flights on schedule and connect workers and jobseekers to better jobs and bigger paycheques.”

Charmaine Williams, Associate Minister of Women's Social & Economic Opportunity, commented, “Skills development and training are essential for addressing the labour shortages currently faced by Ontario. Supporting women's economic security and prosperity is vital for Ontario's long-term growth, and investments like this are crucial for helping more women learn the skills they need and enter the labour market to access new opportunities and higher-paying jobs.”

The "Jobs at Pearson" job portal launched today centralizes all airport jobs in one easily accessible place for job seekers. This initiative helps the airport compete for talent and educate potential workers about available employment opportunities.

Additionally, Toronto Pearson has organized multiple airport-wide job fairs to connect with prospective employees and showcase the diverse range of employment possibilities within the airport ecosystem. The airport has also implemented a program to expedite security clearance for potential airport workers, allowing them to start work sooner.

Recognizing the importance of career and skill development, Toronto Pearson has provided upskilling and career development training for its current workforce, equipping them with the necessary tools for success in a dynamic and evolving industry. The airport is also offering training and recruitment support for its partners and is implementing an exciting pilot program that will revolutionize talent pipeline development at airports.

Toronto Pearson expresses immense gratitude for the work done by its employees every day and is proud to launch the "I Am Toronto Pearson" campaign. This campaign celebrates the airport's current and future employees as resilient heroes and invites them to join Canada's most dynamic workforce.

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The Greater Toronto Airports Authority is the operator of Toronto – Lester B. Pearson International Airport, Canada’s largest airport and a vital connector of people, businesses and goods. Toronto Pearson has been named “Best Large Airport in North America serving more than 40 million passengers” for five years in a row by Airports Council International (ACI), the global trade representative of the world’s airports. In recognition of its Healthy Airport program, ACI has also awarded Toronto Pearson the “Best hygiene measures in North America” award for three years running, and Toronto Pearson was the first Canadian airport to receive ACI’s global health accreditation for its response to COVID-19.    For our corporate twitter channel, please visit @PearsonComms. For operational updates and passenger information, please visit @TorontoPearson/@AeroportPearson on Twitter. You can also follow us on Facebook or Instagram


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