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Seven Black- and Indigenous-led organizations to receive funding to support capacity building projects, from strategic planning to training and upscaling existing programs

TORONTO, ONTARIO – The Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) has announced funding recipients for its 2020 Nest Fund. This announcement marks the next step in commitments made by the GTAA in 2020, including pledging support of the Black North Initiative in the recognition that diversity makes  businesses, communities and nations that are more vibrant, both culturally and economically, and through the inclusion of diverse thoughts, perspectives and experiences.  

As part of today’s announcement, Seven Black- and Indigenous-led organizations will receive a total of $300,000 in funding to support capacity building projects, ranging from improving organizational technology and strategic planning support to training for staff or expanding reach to take a program to the next level:

  • The Black Youth School Success Initiative is a prevention and intervention school support program that supports Black children and youth from grade 6 through high school.
  • Canadian Roots Exchange is a national, youth-led, charitable organization that supports and facilitates programs that focus on increasing the resilience of Indigenous youth to navigate changing landscapes and barriers while advocating for better outcomes for their communities.
  • Eshkiniigjik Naandwechigegamig, Aabiish Gaa Binjibaaying (ENAGB) provides mental, emotional, physical and spiritual programming and services to Indigenous youth ages 12-29 years.
  • Help a Girl Out works to ensure all women have access to sanitary products regardless of circumstance and initiates year-round anti-stigma campaigns and educational workshops to end menstrual shame among women and girls in Canada.
  • Helping Hands Platform is a grassroots organization led by Black youth that matches Black, newcomer and low socioeconomic status youth with volunteer, educational, entrepreneurial and employment opportunities.
  • Trust 15 Youth Community Support Organization provides youth in the Rexdale/North Etobicoke area with programs that promote and facilitate positive behaviour, creative expression, and cooperative working skills.
  • Weston Frontlines Centre is a dynamic youth charity in York-South Weston that provides culturally relevant and inclusive programming –from homework/tutoring programs and camps to pop-up events and employment programs—to children and youth aged 6-29.

“Today’s funding announcement is a continuation of commitments the GTAA made last year to address anti-Black racism, systemic racism, inequality and injustices in all shapes and forms that impact Black, Indigenous and People of Color communities,” said Deborah Flint, President and CEO, GTAA. “Each of these organizations has its own unique area of concentration, but collectively their activities contribute to the ultimate goal of helping to build better futures for those impacted by systemic racism. The GTAA is grateful for the work that they do and excited to support their efforts.”  

Just as the aviation industry is prioritizing passenger and employee health during COVID-19 and making plans for recovery, this funding announcement is the beginning of a ripple effect that will be felt throughout the Greater Toronto Area as recipient organizations not only support our communities in weathering the pandemic, but also position them for a better, more inclusive future.

The GTAA’s Nest Fund supports programs and organizations that have a positive impact on communities surrounding Toronto Pearson. The Nest Fund is a funding stream of the Propeller Project, the GTAA’s community investment program. This funding announcement aligns with the Propeller Project Fund’s areas of concentration, which include partnering with organizations that are focused tackling the complex issue of underemployment, a challenge that many BIPOC communities face.

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