Press release

June 12, 2020

TORONTO, ONTARIO – This is our moment as Canada’s largest airport to stand up and stand together as an organization. We must join the voices condemning anti-Black racism, systemic racism, inequality and injustices in all shapes and forms.

This is certainly a time that we will all remember for the rest of our lives. The question remains: How will we look back on what we did and what we stood for? As the world collectively pauses in this time of reflection; a time of change and growth, this is our chance to do better, to be better.

As a CEO, a Black woman, and a mother, I have been acutely aware of racial perceptions, which can be seen throughout employee ranks, and by which organizations, and institutions reflect diversity of their communities and which do not.  I have deep respect for the burdened shoulders I stand on, for those that have sacrificed for doors to be opened, and for those who keep going amidst the enduring struggle of Black people for respect, equality, and safety.  The dismantling of systemic racism and inequality, is a massive endeavor, but it is also within our grasp.  It is our responsibility, and we are capable in our work at Toronto Pearson and in our sphere of influence to unravel it.

At Toronto Pearson - Canada’s airport, your airport - we constantly think about the stories and experiences of everyone who passes through our doors; the travellers, our brave frontline workers, our partners and members of the community.

We believe that if there is one place that should be a true reflection of diversity and inclusion, it must be an airport. Our business, after all, is to connect people and cultures from all over the world - this is the essence of who we are at Toronto Pearson. 

Together with our Board of Directors, we are committed to continuing the journey to ensure that principles and practices that drive diversity and inclusion are present in every corner of our business and our airport. Every person passing through Toronto Pearson will be treated with respect and dignity, and we will hold all of our partners and workers accountable to that.  Every employee should feel their career aspirations are achievable and their breadth of human experience is valued. 

Further, we also commit ourselves to the following actions:

  • We are launching a new project within our Workforce of the Future program that reignites our Diversity and Inclusion Platform. We will call on a diverse group of our employees and partners to provide a highly visible, accountable and dynamic approach. 
  • We will take a more active role in the community through personal involvement by GTAA employees in Propeller Project initiatives to help build better futures for those impacted by systemic racism. 
  • We will continue to listen, to unlearn and relearn and to act. We will measure, manage, and report.
  • We will introduce additional training for our workers, leaders, and partners to ensure we continue to evolve and create opportunities for underrepresented groups.
  • We know we must demand better and be better. 

This is a breath of renewal for a journey that started at Pearson just a few years ago, and we will do much more to combat the systemic injustices and biases that surround us.  I have no doubt our collective actions will create meaningful and significant change.  It will take each of us, from every race, faith, ability and gender identity.  We will truly be Pearson Strong.

About the Greater Toronto Airports Authority 

The Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) is the operator of Toronto Pearson International Airport.


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