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Employee updates

Updated May 5 at 2:30 pm

Promoting transparency: The Toronto Pearson COVID-19 Case Log

Developed in partnership with the GTAA and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) this voluntary airport-wide case log provides basic, anonymous information about COVID-19 cases in the Toronto Pearson workforce. Learn more.

Pop-up vaccination clinic near Toronto Pearson

A pop-up vaccination clinic has been announced for residential areas close to Toronto Pearson from May 5-7. If you live in postal codes M9W or M9V, you may be eligible. Learn more.

Availability of COVID vaccines in our region continues to change regularly. To keep aware of eligibility guidelines and vaccination locations, visit the Province of Ontario vaccine page and your local public health unit.

On-site rapid COVID-19 testing for airport workers as part of research study

Note: Employee tests are now available for booking.

On-site COVID-19 testing is available as part of a testing research study. The continued effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to workers, passengers and our surrounding communities, means we will be able to offer free, voluntary rapid COVID-19 testing on-site for airport workers and certain departing passengers.

The research study, supported in part by funding from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP),  is designed to explore the effectiveness of antigen testing in a live environment, comparing it with the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test. All airport workers will be able to participate, regardless of their role, employer or work location.

Information about testing for airport workers

  • Airport workers will be able to participate on a voluntary basis, regardless of their role, employer or work location.
  • Workers who have symptoms of COVID-19 will not be eligible for this study, and should contact their local public health unit for direction.
  • There will be no charge for COVID-19.
  • Pre-registration is required to access a test.
Learn more about the airport worker COVID-19 testing study and register for a test at

Employee volunteers needed for additional frequent testing study

All airport workers are invited to volunteer for a frequent testing study, where participants are antigen tested three times weekly for an eight-week period.

In the Workplace Antigen Testing Study, the GTAA is partnering with university-affiliated epidemiologists to study the effectiveness of frequent antigen testing to help identify COVID-19 faster in the workplace. This study will produce scientific data that will help inform health and safety policies about potential future workplace testing, for the airport and similar environments.

To get involved in the frequent testing study:

  • Airport workers who volunteer will be tested 3 times per week for 8 weeks
  • Testing will happen at the soon to be launched Terminal 1 testing centre (public side)
  • All airport workers are eligible to participate in the study as long as they do not have symptoms of COVID-19
  • The antigen testing process takes about 10/15 minutes and results are expected within 15/30 minutes
  • Testing will be a nasal swab (lower nostril) and not a nasal pharyngeal swab (deep nasal) and will be administrated by a nurse
  • We are recruiting 500 airport workers to volunteer in the study
  • Testing appointments for the study will become available on March 8, 2021

Recruitment for the Workplace Antigen Study is happening now; employees can preregister to participate at

Thank you to all interested employees for your contributions to further understanding of a science-based approach to COVID-19 testing protocols.

Update on vaccines as part of provincial rollout 

We are committed to protecting the health and safety of airport employees, and the critical role they play in providing safe, healthy air travel for our passengers.  

The GTAA has worked closely with airport employers and unions and can confirm that transportation and distribution workers who can’t work from home are scheduled to become eligible for vaccination as part of Ontario’s Phase 2 of the vaccine rollout, as determined by the Region of Peel. We continue to advocate that our workforce is vaccinated early in this phase. 

As the province and our surrounding municipalities continue to adjust the rollout plans, many airport workers may now be eligible for COVID-19 vaccines due to their age, medical condition or if they live in what the province considers a “hot spot” area. Please continue to monitor guidance from your local health unit as to when you are eligible and take advantage of appointments in your area.

We will provide more information on how the province and municipal rollout may affect airport workers as it becomes available.  

Important notice regarding RAIC applications

Toronto Pearson currently has multiple initiatives underway with a common goal of increasing health, safety and security for both employees and passengers at Toronto Pearson. 

The Canadian Aviation Security Awareness Program (also known as the Airport Security Awareness Training) has been established and implemented to promote a culture of security vigilance and awareness at Toronto Pearson. To decrease the number of noncompliances and increase awareness and understanding of the importance of these security principles at Toronto Pearson, the GTAA Pass Permit Control Office (PPCO) will be mandating an in-person Canadian Aviation Security Awareness Program (CASAP) Validation Quiz. This quiz is designed to validate that every Restricted Area Identity Card (RAIC) applicant has successfully completed and understood the online Airport Security Awareness Training

Effective March 22, 2021
, this quiz will become a required step in the RAIC application process. Please review the important details below.  

Who needs to take the in-person quiz?  

The following employees must take the in-person quiz:

  • New employees applying for a Transportation Security Clearance to obtain a RAIC; 
  • Existing RAIC holders applying to renew their Transportation Security Clearance to obtain a RAIC;
  • Returning RAIC holders who have not worked at Toronto Pearson for more than 12 months and require a RAIC; and 
  • Existing RAIC holders transferring from another Canadian airport to Toronto Pearson requiring a YYZ RAIC.

When does the applicant take the quiz?

  • New employee: When submitting your Transportation Security Clearance Application at the PPCO.
  • Renewal: When submitting your Transportation Security Clearance Application at the PPCO.
  • Returning RAIC holder (not worked at Toronto Pearson for more than 12 months): When submitting your Transportation Security Clearance Application and/or RAIC application at the PPCO.
  • Transferring employee: When submitting your Transportation Security Clearance Application and/or RAIC application at the PPCO.

What is the content of the quiz?  

The quiz is comprised of five randomly selected multiple choice test questions from the Airport Security Awareness Training that the applicant completed prior to visiting the PPCO for the services listed above.  

Where and how is the quiz administered?

The quiz is administered at the PPCO. Applicants will be asked to use electronic tablets at the PPCO counter to complete the quiz.

What if an applicant does not pass the quiz?

The score requirement to pass the quiz is 80% and it must be completed and submitted within 10 minutes of starting the quiz. If an applicant does not pass or does not complete and submit the quiz in 10 minutes, they may return to retake the quiz no sooner than the next business day. A passing mark is mandatory to progress in the RAIC application process. Please verify the PPCO Hours of Operation online.

How long will the quiz take?  

The quiz will take approximately 10 minutes.  

Which languages will the quiz be offered in?

The quiz will be offered in both English and French. If required, applicants can bring a translator to assist.
The quiz will be rolled out beginning March 22, 2021. Should you have any questions or require clarity, please contact the GTAA Pass Permit Office at


Uber Eats available for pick up in Terminals 1 and 3

Working in terminal and looking for a quick, easy meal to hit the spot? 
Uber Eats is now available in both Terminals 1 and 3! Make the most of your break time and skip the line while also limiting contact, all with no service fees! Simply download the Uber Eats app on Google Play or the Apple App store, order your food ahead and pick it up at the location when it’s ready. Whether you’re pre-security, at the gate or moving through the terminals, grab and go with Uber Eats mobile ordering!

Developing innovative wearable contact tracing and distancing alert devices

Launched with GTAA employees starting in January 2021, the COVID Safety Alert device provides a distancing reminder and logs an interaction any time it contacts another device, supporting more rapid  workplace contact tracing and providing another layer of protection. Learn more.

Passengers have voted us “Best large airport in North America” for the fourth year in a row

We’ve also received a new award for “Best hygiene measures in North America.” These recognitions would not have been possible without your unwavering focus on the passenger during the pandemic. From helping travellers navigate the complexities of the airport experience during the pandemic to living our Healthy Airport commitment day in and day out, these are your awards. 
Learn more.

New COVID-19 testing for international arriving travellers

Starting February 22, 2021, the Government of Canada requires all international travellers who are remaining in Canada to take a COVID-19 test upon arrival. To learn more, visitthe Government of Canada's website

Pearson Works! Online

Pearson Works! Online is a collaboration between the GTAA, the Toronto Airport Workers Council, and 20+ community services organizations committed to ready the industry’s workforce for post-COVID and beyond.

This virtual resource centre dedicated to support the employee and employer communities at Toronto Pearson. Any and all airport workers can access services, information and seminars on::

Are you an airport employer? We have resources for you, too.

Resources for Toronto Pearson workers impacted by COVID-19 

With the unprecedented COVID-19 situation and the significant impact it has had on the entire aviation community, our priority remains the wellbeing of Toronto Pearson workers. While we have worked tirelessly to support the airport operation, there have been significant impacts to the Toronto Pearson workforce. 

We know that information and resources are important in a time like this. We want to pull as many COVID-19 related resources together in one place for you. Learn more on our Employee Resources page.

GTAA and the Toronto Airport Worker’s Council release statement on joint efforts to keep workers and passengers safe

The GTAA and Toronto Airport Worker’s Council (TAWC) met to discuss the impacts of COVID-19 on Toronto Pearson. Discussions focused on efforts to ensure the health and safety of workers who continue to service the airport, as well as workforce recovery strategies for airport workers and employers who have experienced significant difficulties of the virus. 

Read the full statement and list of initiatives the GTAA and TAWC remain committed to working together on. 

Temporary changes at Toronto Pearson  

Update on transit providers at Toronto Pearson 

In these unprecedented times, we are dedicated to serving everyone at Toronto Pearson the best way we can while also adhering to public health recommendations. 

Please remember, it is mandatory to wear a non-medical mask or face covering while riding Brampton Transit, MiWay, TTC, GO Transit and UP Express. Face coverings are also required in the Terminals and all airport buildings. 

UP Express 

Trains are currently operating on a revised schedule. For information about temporary service reductions, please visitour What's Happening page.

Public Transit

Transit providers at Toronto Pearson have reduced their service to the airport. Please contact your transit operator for the most up-to-date information about schedules. 

Cash fares are now being accepted on the TTC; for GO Transit, please use PRESTO as no cash fares will be accepted.   

Pass Permit Control Office  

There are temporary changes to the security screening program at the Pass Permit Control Office. Learn more.  

Parking Permit Office  

The Parking Permit Office is not currently accepting walk-ins, but you can contact them by email at or 416-776-2820 for assistance.  

Value Park Garage and Value Park Lot closed 

Employee parking access cards are not programmed for Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 Daily parking until further notice. 

Shops and restaurants  

At this time, some shops and restaurants at Toronto Pearson have reduced their hours or are temporarily closed. However, some locations remain open for our employees and passengers. You may notice that tables have been reconfigured to encourage physical distancing.   


Useful links for airport workers 


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