How we manage noise at Pearson Airport

We know our operations can effect the communities around us. That's why we’re working to better understand, monitor and manage noise so we can operate as quietly as we can.

We do this by:

  • listening and responding to the concerns of nearby residents
  • limiting night flights, so that on average, 50 flights arrive or depart between 12:30 am and 6:29 am
  • shifting most night flights to the runways that impact the fewest residents
  • monitoring pilots to make sure they comply with noise abatement procedures
  • operating 25 Noise Monitoring Terminals around the GTHA to gather information on how much noise is being created by aircraft

We have a team dedicated to noise

Our noise office is available to answer questions and register complaints about aircraft noise. You can call them at 416-247-7682 or fill out a form online.

They also issue regular noise advisories about runway maintenance and noise management initiatives. These advisories will keep you informed of any operational changes that may create noise impacts.

We also have an online tool, WebTrak, that can help you identify which aircraft is impacting you.

We have an action plan

In 2017, we embarked on a major public process to develop a new Noise Management Action Plan (NMAP). This plan builds on our existing noise program with a new set of standards and commitments designed to reduce the aviation noise currently experienced by residents. It combines research from 26 international airports, recommendations from our Residents' Reference Panel, and feedback from over 2,500 survey respondents.

You can get involved

Interested in getting involved and learning about airport operations? You can attend a Pearson Public Meeting.

We hold these meetings three times a year. We invite residents for one-on-one discussions, presentations about airport operations and updates on noise management initiatives. It’s also an opportunity for you to provide feedback to industry partners and ask questions.

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