Using lasers for safer bridge operation

At Terminal 3, a new trial is coming to test the use of laser guidance to provide safer operation of passenger boarding bridges. The GTAA’s Maintenance and Engineering teams are partnering up with Airport & Commercial Equipment Suppliers (A.C.E.S. Inc.) on this trial to gather operator feedback for continuous improvement.

This pilot program of an assistive device in support of docking operations on the passenger boarding bridge (PBB) at Gate C26 in Terminal 3 integrates the assistive device with the PBB control systems. This device projects a visual target on the aircraft door, on lower left-hand corner using a safe, non-harmful laser. The laser comes on automatically when the PBB’s lateral movement joystick is moved, and turns off after 3-5 seconds of joystick at its neutral position without movement. The laser target projected can provide horizontal and vertical visual guidance for the PBB operator to align it with the respective corner of the aircraft door.

A placard with survey instructions will be installed on PBB operator station for PBB operators (WJA, Swissport, Menzies) to provide feedback. The pilot program is expected to start late November and run for three months.

This laser device is also being tried at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport through JetBlue and their feedback has been very positive. Checkout JetBlue’s demonstration.