How to keep the airside safe from FOD

How to keep the airside safe from FOD

Working safely with pallets/skids 

  • Keep an eye out for pallets/skids that are damaged or not maintained properly as pieces can break off and result in FOD. Additionally, empty pallets/skids should not be stood on their ends airside as they can be blown around and result in damage to aircraft and/or injury to workers.

FOD - Pick it up, don’t pass it up!

  • All AVOP holders have a responsibility to remove or report FOD. When you spot FOD, stop and pick it up for disposal. If the item is contaminated or too big to handle safely, call the Integrated Operations Control Centre (IOCC) at 416-776-3055 to have someone dispatched to help.
  • Gate areas should be checked for FOD prior to every arrival and prior to every departure.  
  • There are bright yellow FOD bins under every bridge available for this use. Only place FOD in these, not waste from aircraft cabins, oil cans or fast food waste. Anything too big for the FOD bins can be dropped into the larger, blue garbage bins at the head of stand. 

Check out the Toronto Pearson FOD Prevention & Control Policy.

Would you like to join a Toronto Pearson FOD Walk? Keep the airside free of hazards and get to know your fellow co-workers by helping to pick up foreign object debris (FOD) from the airside. Register below to be notified of upcoming FOD Walks.