Flying drones, safely

Without proper approvals, training and preparation, flying drones at airports definitely presents a serious and unwanted hazard. Recently, however, Toronto Pearson has started to take advantage of this technology to support safety.

Drones, sometimes referred to as Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) have a wide range of uses at airports, with more being considered all the time. At Toronto Pearson we have undertaken a number of test flights in the areas of aircraft maintenance, Fire and Emergency Services exercises, even by GTAA partner Falcon Environmental for surveying nests in trees near runways and for other signs of wildlife activity. Assisting airport employees in the inspection of fences, runways, and other structures are additional exciting possibilities for these “Cooperative Drones.”

Drone Wildlife

The GTAA and NavCanada work closely together to assess and approve each and every drone operation to ensure equipment, operators, and flight plans present no risk to the Toronto Pearson airspace environment. Learn more about this approval process at

Drone Operations

If you spot a drone that you suspect is not part of an approved Toronto Pearson operation, report it immediately to 416-776-3030 for investigation.