NAOSH 2023: Day 5

Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Safety

Foreign Object Debris refers to any loose object such as pavement fragments, catering supplies, building materials, loose hardware, pieces of luggage, and even wildlife that can potentially damage aircrafts or result in an injury. FOD can be found anywhere airside including terminal and cargo aprons, taxiways and runways. 

Runway FOD has the greatest potential of causing damage. Taxiway and apron FOD may seem less harmful but can still cause significant damage to the aircraft or transition onto the runway if not removed. We can keep FOD out of the airside with ongoing inspections of work areas and prompt removal. 

To learn more about FOD safety and how you can help keep our airfield clean and free from damaging objects, review the Toronto Pearson FOD Prevention & Control Policy or sign up now to  participate in the FOD walk before registration closes. 

The FOD walk will be from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. The person who collects the most FOD will win an awesome prize! Read the full contest rules.


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