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Yoshi - People of Pearson

"My name is Yoshi and I am a Senior Project Manager (PM) on the Airport Development and Construction team at the GTAA. I have been with the company for over three years. A Senior PM is responsible for successfully delivering projects from initiation to the final handover of the finished products. We do everything from working with our business owners to define the scope of the project, to obtaining funds and engaging consultants and contractors to deliver the project to the business unit’s requirements.

"We also work with our PMO (Project Management Office) division to ensure lessons learned from each project are captured so that future projects of a similar nature can continue to run more smoothly. I have been fortunate enough to work on everything from installing ground service equipment and refurbishing passenger boarding bridges, to now working on the largest runway rehabilitation project in the airport’s history.

"My background is in engineering, so I see projects as solving a problem. By delivering projects defined by a set of requirements, I feel like I’m making my colleagues’ lives easier. Completing these projects also allows me to understand how different areas of the airport operate, which I find really interesting.

"It’s always a challenge to start a new project in an area of the airport I’ve never worked in before, but this is what makes new projects exciting as well. I get the opportunity to work with new teams and find a way to deliver the project no matter the barriers. Also, being a 24/7 operation has its own challenges, as work in the airport never stops. There are rigid but necessary security protocols and standards in place for every deliverable.

"My main priority this year is delivering our runway rehab project safely, on time and within budget. This is the second busiest runway in Canada. I am proud of the work that has been accomplished so far and look forward to seeing this project through to completion.

"This year, our team’s mantra is “Building Back Better.” We are ensuring that every dollar is accounted for and looking at every opportunity to spend our capital funds wisely. We are working hard to add value to the GTAA’s infrastructure and ensuring that the projects we deliver can be utilized and enjoyed by generations to come."

- Yoshi, Senior Project Manager, Airport Development and Construction, GTAA

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