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“My name is Sean and I’m a Mobilization Coordinator for Air Canada and a UNIFOR Local 2002 representative with the Toronto Airport Workers’ Council (TAWC).” TAWC is the collective voice of Pearson's 50,000 workers and its largest unions. 

“I’ve been working in the aviation industry since I was 18, when I began working on float planes in Churchill, Manitoba. 

"In 1993 I became the Vice President of the Union and then the Chief Steward for Air Canada check-in and ticket agents in what was formerly Terminal 2 in 1995. In 2000 I became the President of my local Union. 

"For years, we’ve been working with the GTAA through a productive and collaborative relationship.” 

Since 2012, the GTAA and TAWC have collaborated in a joint initiative to consider best practices in addressing workplace issues at airports globally. As part of this work, the airport issued the first demographic survey of airport workers in North America. 

“The biggest challenge during the pandemic has been keeping our airport afloat—we’ve never seen anything like this. It became very clear that it was going to take the whole Pearson community to pull through, and our collaborative relationship with the airport was the bedrock of the Healthy Airport program. It brought everyone to the table to figure out what to do. 

"We’re an economic centre for our surrounding communities, so when Pearson is in a crisis, they are too. I’m proud to know that we mean it when we tell each other we look out for one another. The work we’ve achieved with TAWC is trailblazing work; it’s been internationally recognized as such, and I know it will be preserved after I retire from the industry. The Healthy Airport program and the Pearson Works! Online Resource centre are just a couple products of our collaborative approach to work, from both the labour side and the airport authority side. We’re a family, and it’s that human factor that makes Pearson the special place that it is.”

- Sean, UNIFOR Local 2002 representative and Mobilization Coordinator, Air Canada

An excerpt from a recent article published in International Airport Review also highlights the community approach at Pearson and the benefits of collaboration among the airport, its workers and their representatives.

The GTAA thanks Sean for his leadership, partnership and friendship. He is a pillar of the airport worker community, and while we wish him well in retirement, he will be missed.

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