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"I grew up with a lot of insight into airports. As a child, I was very familiar with Toronto Pearson, having travelled far and frequently as an unaccompanied minor. I also heard stories of aircraft at the dinner table, as my stepfather was an avionics tech for Air Canada Jazz. 

I’m an engineer by trade, specializing in manufacturing and controls. I focus on the design and operation of automated systems that use IT networks and heavy equipment to move baggage efficiently, moving bags on time, with the passengers. It’s a simple concept, but in practice requires many complex processes and components to execute correctly. 

This week we won an award from Inductive Automation for a major overhaul of our software system, completed with our partners at Brock Solutions. It's the biggest system of its kind in any airport around the world. It gives our control room staff significantly more data, control and insight over the airport baggage infrastructure.  

Typically, software changes get a lot of resistance. The best part of this process has been the reaction from our control room staff. A few hours into their first look, they asked, ‘Can you turn it on tomorrow?’ That was a huge win.”  

- José, Associate Director, Baggage System Capacity and Infrastructure, GTAA  

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