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It has always been about planes for me. Growing up, I was fascinated. Since emigrating from St. Kitts, I’ve been a part of creating three airlines in Canada and now I work for the GTAA, helping to create the next generation of the baggage system at Toronto Pearson. 

I joined Canada 3000 as a dispatcher right when it was starting and saw it through to the end. From there, I was hired as the Operations Manager for both Cargo Jet and Porter Airlines. I helped to get them both off the ground, from licensing all the way to operation. 

In 2018, I joined the GTAA’s Baggage Special Projects team and I’ve loved it ever since. We’re reimagining the entire baggage network in the airport. As well as building new conveyor belts and upgrading the system, we’re always improving the processes among stakeholders. This is how we build the efficiency, capacity and flexibility for many more decades of growth. 

The best part of this job is also the hardest part of this job. All day I’m working with all the airport stakeholders, negotiating buy-in, bringing everyone along together as a group. One thing we all have in common is that we take it personally when a passenger has a problem, so we go out and solve it. 

Beyond baggage, every day that I’m leaving the airport, I try to help a passenger. It’s part of the job. 

- Ralph, Manager, Baggage Services Project Delivery, GTAA


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