Mohammed - People of Pearson

"I make 800 Business Class meals every day for one of Toronto Pearson’s major carriers. In the summer, that number doubles, so for the season I have an extra hand in the kitchen and together we make nearly 1,600. In total, the Gate Gourmet team at Pearson makes 18,000 meals every day.

Growing up in Sri Lanka, my family was always cooking, especially my mother. I learned it from her. After graduating from hospitality school, I got my first job at the Colombo Hilton and I worked my way up to become one of the top chefs there. I moved to Canada and I stayed in hospitality, first in a popular hotel in Orangeville and now here at Gate Gourmet for the last four years. 

In a hotel, you make one meal and serve it. Make another, serve it. Here, I’m preparing nearly a thousand meals every day, with six different menu items, fresh vegetables and a variety of proteins. It is all about timing and organization—without that, you can’t do this job. 

I order my raw materials from the Stores team and they prep it for me. When I come in, everything is prepped, ready to cook. Each meal is prepared to a consistent menu, safely monitored for temperature and quality, and we never cook too much food, either. 

The cooking we do here is as skilled as being in a hotel, but the scale is so much larger. We’re here to do a job and we take a lot of pride in that, because it’s our name and Gate Gourmet’s name on the line." 

- Mohammed, Chef, Gate Gourmet


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