Tony - People of Pearson

"My first airport job was in Kingston, Jamaica—Norman Manley International Airport. When I came to this country, the first thing I wanted was to go back to an airport. I’ve been at Pearson for twenty-two years now.

As a Baggage System Operator, we maintain the baggage system that carries luggage from check-in to the aircraft, and back into the baggage hall. Our business is getting bags from the passengers to the airline’s baggage handlers so that they can load and unload the aircraft. If a baggage belt stops, I need to be there right away with a Plan B, Plan C and Plan D—all to keep the bags moving, prioritizing them so that every flight leaves on time.

Over two decades, I’ve seen a lot. The real estate is constantly changing—new roads, new buildings. But I’m most amazed at the evolution of technology. The system we have here is amazing and it’s made possible by the ideas being brought by the younger generation. The younger generation is why this airport keeps growing.

The worst thing that can happen to our day is that there’s a flight delayed because of baggage or someone’s bag doesn’t make it on their flight. The winter is even worse. It tries your mind, it tries your body, it tries your heart—but it all comes down to effort. Keep it simple and work together. This job is teamwork, straight up."

- Tony, Baggage System Operator, GTAA

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