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"I am the Support Administrator, Terminal Operations with the Lost and Found Department at Pearson. I enter lost items into our system and match the passenger with their item. Pearson is a big airport and items get lost every minute of the day. I feel very proud when passengers are reunited with their belongings. The joy and the excitement they experience, some people even get tears in their eyes or do a happy dance. I am thrilled we're able to serve them as the item could be of tremendous value to the passenger.

I travelled the world as a former Olympian for Team Canada Basketball and I essentially lived in airports. Naturally, I fell in love with working here. As someone working with a disability, I feel valued and included. My colleagues value what I bring to the table and my confidence has come back because I’ve been given the opportunity to show what I can do. They don’t treat me any differently and I really respect that.

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month. There’s a misconception that the disabled aren’t capable of working. People with disabilities want to work and they should be given a chance to show their strengths and make a positive contribution. I have not been defined by my disability and I would like to inspire others in my position to believe in themselves, get involved and do something—don’t do nothing. I focus on what I can do, not what I can’t.

Toronto Pearson is like a big, beautiful and diverse city with all types of people who have been given opportunities. I would love to travel the world to encourage organizations to be like us by giving people with disabilities an opportunity to prove themselves."

- Susan, Support Administrator, Terminal Operations

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