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"I am a volunteer with the Toronto Pearson Welcome Team. I started in 2018 at the beginning of the school year as part of my co-op placement. I enjoyed the experience so much that I stayed on. My favourite part is being able to help so many people. That aspect appeals to me and is the biggest reason why I keep volunteering. 

My proudest moment on the job was helping a family that was new to Canada and not fluent in English. I stayed with them through the night to help them get rebooked on the next flight. The family was grateful, and their young child even waved goodbye. The amount of gratitude I received was big for me. A “thank you” from someone goes a long way and can really make your day.

I enjoy aviation. When I was a kid, I had this little camera that I would take to the FedEx site and stick through the fence to try and take photos. I found out I was not the best at that so now I just stick to plane spotting.

I am currently studying civil engineering with a focus on transportation. That line of work is my career aspiration, either planning or developing transit, similar to how Toronto Pearson has the goal of developing Union Station West, a second major transit hub in the GTA.

If you like the airport, helping people or if you are good at providing customer service, the Welcome Team is the place to be. They are friendly and their own little family, while the hours are very flexible." 

- Aman, Toronto Pearson Welcome Team Volunteer

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