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"My name is Damian and I’m an Airport Duty Manager (ADM) at Toronto Pearson. I was born in Trinidad. I got into aviation when I was ten. I was coming to Canada on vacation and I’d never flown before. Waiting to board, I was watching the ramp and seeing aircraft come in. When I landed I called my mom. The only thing I said was, “I want to work at an airport when I get older."

Aviation is all I’ve ever done. I love it. I got my first job at Toronto Pearson in 1999, working the ramp, before getting my education in aviation. I worked my way up through different airports before coming back to Pearson. 

As ADM, my job is to assess weather conditions, baggage systems and the passenger loads, as well as dozens of other factors that impact how we operate, while leading a team of highly talented managers. The managers work in their area of responsibility, but any issues that affect the airport’s overall operation, I will take a leadership role. I’m also the CEO’s operational designee, making final decisions on how we operate. Acting for the CEO is a big responsibility, but I love that pressure. 

The hardest part of the job is having to know a bit about every aspect of the airport’s operation. That includes weather, security, baggage, airside operations, passenger flow and media. The best part is the people. I’m surrounded by so many great colleagues, but I enjoy talking with passengers just as much. The people are the best part of the job. 

Working at Canada’s busiest and most complex airport is a dream for an airport professional. One of my first days working at Toronto Pearson, we worked late into the night to prepare our snow clearing program for the next day. At 7:00 pm the team broke off for the night, saying “we’ll see you at four tomorrow. That early morning was hard, but right then I knew I’d made the right career choice. I was in the big time and I couldn’t do anything else. I’ll retire as an airport guy because it’s too much fun."

- Damian, Airport Duty Manager, Greater Toronto Airports Authority

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