Hats off to an unforgettable fourth annual Pearson Partners Week

We hosted our annual Pearson Partners Week from October 23 to 27. Pearson Partners Week is a weeklong celebration of everything we do as an airport to volunteer in, partner with, and support our communities.

From helping to keep conservation areas clean, to donating time at a local food bank, to cooking in a community kitchen, to packaging essential supplies and debranding clothes, it was wonderful to see our employees and community partners come together to give back in our communities.

This year’s partners included:

  • Riverwood Conservancy – The Riverwood Conservancy is a volunteer- and member-based charity that protects, restores, and invites people to connect with nature at Riverwood that spans 150 acres along the Credit River in Mississauga in one of the most diverse ecosystems in the Credit River watershed. The Riverwood Conservancy works to connect people of all ages, abilities, and cultures to nature through environmental education, conservation, gardening, and nature-based programming.
  • Brands for Canada – Brands for Canada has a vision of a sustainable world where surplus goods are purposefully used to eliminate poverty and inequality. They provide NEW donated clothing, personal care and houseware items at no cost to people living in poverty. Toronto Pearson generously supports their “Suitable Impressions” program where participants get training to help them with job interviews, as well as new work appropriate clothing, supply of personal care items, and a voucher for a haircut.
  • Help a Girl Out – Help a Girl Out is a local charity working to combat period poverty and make sanitary products accessible to all women regardless of their location, situation or financial circumstances.
  • Frontlines – Frontlines is a dynamic youth charity in York-South Weston that provides culturally relevant and inclusive programming –from homework/tutoring programs and camps to pop-up events and employment programs—to children and youth aged 6-29.
  • Seva Food Bank – SEVA Food Bank works to address the challenges of food security, poverty reduction and economic renewal for low-income families. Through two locations in Mississauga, they ensure equitable access to safe, nutritious and culturally appropriate food to people experiencing or at risk of poverty.
  • MABELLEarts – Mabelle Avenue is a historically underserved, high density, low-income inner-suburban neighbourhood in Central Etobicoke. Since 2007, MABELLEarts has worked with over 100 professional artists and over 4,000 community members of all ages and backgrounds to create performances, workshops and events that unlock the creative potential of neglected public spaces. MABELLEarts acts as a bridge between residents and cultures and believe that now, more than ever, neighbours need space to meet one another and become friends.

Learn more about our community invest program and initiatives.

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