People of Pearson: Paul

“My name is Paul and I’m the Manager, Industry Recovery Programs at the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA). I started working at the airport in 2000 as a snow removal equipment operator. I spent almost 15 years working airside in various management roles before moving into the terminals as Manager, Terminal Development and Activation in 2015.

“In my current role, I work with airport agencies like U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, Canadian Air Transport Security Authority, and Canadian Border Services Agency to develop strategies and programs to make things more efficient and improve the overall passenger experience. An example of this is our latest program, YYZ Express, which we’re very excited about.

“YYZ Express is an online virtual reservation system that allows passengers to book a time slot in advance of their flight to get them through the security screening queue faster. YYZ Express gives the passenger more control and more certainty over their departure, ultimately leading to a better experience. 

“The most enjoyable part of the YYZ Express project has been getting to work with so many other airport departments, and even other airports, to deliver a service that we feel will really benefit passengers. Of course, there have been some challenges; YYZ Express was an exciting idea but putting it into action required a tremendous amount of focus on the details. 

“As an airport employee, meeting and working with so many amazing people to bring this to life is really rewarding. Navigating the pandemic was a challenge as it battered the industry and pulled us away from being together, but we know we have an opportunity as an airport community to build things back, which is an exciting challenge full of possibilities.”

- Paul, Manager, Industry Recovery Programs, GTAA

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