We’re making the travel experience easier for passengers with hearing loss

The airport can be a noisy place, which can make it more difficult for passengers with hearing loss to receive important information.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce counter hearing loops at Pearson. This is an important step towards making our airport more accessible to all of our passengers, including those with hearing loss.

Hearing loops are a special type of sound system for use by people with hearing aids or Cochlear implants. They work by cutting out unwanted background noise as sound goes directly into the hearing aid.

These devices sit on top of a desk and use a microphone, an amplifier and a “loop cable” (which acts as an antenna) to direct sound to a hearing aid.

Hearing loops help ensure passengers with hearing aids and Cochlear implants are able to discuss private or sensitive issues with agents and Passenger Service Representatives while maintaining dignity and independence during their travel journey.

Counter hearing loops are being installed throughout the airport, including at information desks, selected gates, Canada Border Services Agency and U.S. Customs & Border Protection locations and Lost & Found.

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