CILTNA 2020 Virtual Transport Outlook Conference

The panel conversation included a dialogue on the unprecedented impacts of COVID-19 on the Canadian aviation industry and the need for immediate government investment in its meaningful recovery as part of a national rebound and rebuild strategy that prepares Canada to compete in the future economy. This includes:

  • a phased, coordinated risk-based approach to restarting air travel, including approval of a consistent, national rapid testing standard for use at airports, removing inter-provincial restrictions, and identifying low-risk corridors;
  • government investment in critical infrastructure, including better transit connections to Toronto Pearson and modernizing the cargo supply chain through digitization of data; and
  • investment to restore financial stability to airports, including extending federal rent relief.

Thank you to #CILTNAOutlookConference for hosting this important discussion. As we work together with our government and industry partners to advance Canada’s economic recovery, we are encouraged by the forthcoming assistance package for airlines, airports and the aerospace sector announced by Minister Garneau and look forward to details on how it will aid in industry recovery.

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