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This is what happens to your luggage after you check it

 It's like a complex highway that tracks, sorts, and processes your bag.

Checked bags get searched and sorted

After check-in, your bag is weighed, x-rayed and scanned by the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA). 

Next, it's sorted by the destination city and flight number on the tag and sent through a series of conveyor belts to your plane.

Your airline's baggage handlers then load your bags into the cargo hold of the plane.

Arriving bags get delivered to the carousel by your airline

Your airline's baggage handlers will meet your plane at the gate, unload all pieces of luggage onto a trailer and drive them to the baggage carousels.

Your airline’s ground crew then begins loading bags onto the baggage carousel lane. Once it slides down the chute and onto the conveyer belt where you are waiting, its journey is done!

What causes baggage delays

There are a few common causes, including:

  • a shortage of airline baggage handlers
  • the conveyer belt system slowed by loose pieces of material on suitcases
  • extreme weather creating dangerous conditions for outdoor workers handling baggage, causing them to seek shelter temporarily

How you can help your bag travel smoothly

Our baggage system is built to absorb all shapes and sizes of luggage, but you can make your bag "the perfect bag" with a few simple tips.

  • make sure nothing loose hangs off your luggage
  • place your bag with the wheels up to prevent it from sliding
  • when sticking on your luggage tag, put it in a flat, unwrinkled area so that scanners can easily read it
  • weigh your bag and know the airline's weight limits

Find out more about Pearson Airport baggage rules, such as hand luggage size, checked baggage weight and other restrictions.

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