Located in Terminal 1, Domestic Departures, near Gate D20, our piano enhances the travelling experience by providing complimentary entertainment to anyone who may have a little extra time before their flights. This piano creates a positive and vibrant atmosphere in the terminal and is the available for you to showcase your musical talent and catch a beautiful melody.

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History of the piano

This piano is a Canadian-built Nordheimer, manufactured during their production peak in 1916. It is a perfect example of fine Canadian craftsmanship as it has had its action rebuilt with new hammers and new oversized tuning pins, along with a custom black finish by Paul Hahn & Company. 

The Nordheimer Piano Company started off in 1842 as “A. & S. Nordheimer Company,” a retailer and publisher of sheet music, in Kingston, Ontario and then moved to Toronto in 1844. They also sold pianos made by other prestigious international manufacturers until about 1886, when they partnered with other Canadian piano manufacturers to form the Lansdowne Piano Company. Abraham and Samuel Nordheimer then established their own factory in Toronto’s Junction neighbourhood around 1890 where they produced world-class instruments until 1927. The famous Heintzman & Company took over the business in January 1928 and continued to make pianos with the Nordheimer name until the early 1970s. It is still the oldest brand name in use in Canadian music.