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“My name is Ron and I’m the Manager of Airfield Electrical Systems at the GTAA. I’ve been with the airport for over 10 years now, starting as an electrician, and today my main responsibility is managing the maintenance of the airfield lighting systems.

“I currently have 33 team members reporting to me and we all work together to ensure we’re meeting all the regulatory requirements and the electrical systems on the airfield are operating safely. The airfield electrical system is unique; it is designed to maintain a constant current to the airfield lights for the safety of incoming aircraft. As a result, the airfield circuits can be up to 4,000 volts. The work our team does not only saves millions of dollars a year by rebuilding lights instead of replacing them, but is also much better for the environment by recycling the metal enclosure and other materials.

“Airport Safety Week reminds us that the most important thing is that everyone, either working or travelling, goes home safely to their families and friends every day. It’s important that we’re able to have open and honest conversations about any safety concerns so we can address them in a safe and efficient manner. Safety is part of the Pearson work culture, and the practices are second nature.

“I really enjoy working with this team and keeping everyone engaged. I have a ton of respect for them; they all work so hard, in all kinds of weather, to keep the airfield and all of its lights in great condition. They’re so dedicated to what they do, which is helping to keep the airfield safe for our passengers. The fact that my team does their job so well just makes my job that much easier. Thank you to my whole team.”

- Ron, Manager, Airfield Electrical Systems, GTAA

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